What We Do Here

by donnor

What we do here is take an inside look into the creative process of photography, by doing so I believe a community can be built that shares, explains, and explores thoughts on photography . I want to start conversations on working through topics such as, editing, processing, darkroom printing, thoughts on new projects, why choose this and not that, why do that and not this… Basically I hope we can share thoughts as it pertains to the world of photography. Which is the only world I know… Welcome we hope you enjoy! And please feel free to contact us with possible post.

All the best

Donnor Photographic

2 Comments to “What We Do Here”

  1. Hey Michael,
    I happened upon your work through Soulcatcher Studio’s website last year and have revisited it many times since. I recently was accepted to the Art Center College of Design for photo and have made it through one week of classes. My concepts teacher, Ken Merfeld, gave our class an interesting assignment on quotes. We are to find 8 quotes from 4 photographers on the subjects of art, passion, photography and light. I find so many of your blog posts enlightening and philosophical (and have already used a few of your words for my assignment), I was wondering what you might have to say on the subject of light. Merfeld kept us in the dark for about 5 minutes of class before lighting a match and promptly exclaiming, “light, you’d all be fucked without it.” What is your take on the subject. Thanks so much for your enlightening photographs and explanations!

    • Hey Katie
      Thanks for your inquiry and interest. Your teacher sounds interesting and spot on point! I went through my notebook when I heard your question I remembered writing a little note a year or so ago about that same question “Light” In my chicken scratch of ramblings it simply says “Watch the light, always!! It is our melody.” Thank you for reminding me of that. I am fueled by music and see lot’s of similarities between the two mediums and with melody and light being at the heart of each respectively. Without either you are left with a dead sound and a dead photograph. There are many different melodies they all have peaks, valleys, unique characteristics and set the mood, along with meaning and message. Light I believe has those same characteristics it not only creates the world within the frame, but it uniquely shapes it depending on the characteristics of that light. The light we chose is our expression on bending the notes of reality.
      Well I hope my ramblings might add to the conversation, thanks so much for including me, I would love to hear the other quotes you gather on the subject!
      All the best Katie and congrats on your acceptance.

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