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August 16, 2011

Published Fashion Editorial…

by donnor

A life that we can live...

April 21, 2010

Behind the Scene

by donnor

The continuing theme for this blog will be sharing the creative process of being a photographer. Simple enough, ha ha. Ok first up let’s talk about my newest project What the hell is it, why, and how? First, it’s an in your face body of work focusing on fashion. My good friend Sakas and I were talking about the perils of photography with Jack Daniels as a mediator, and we had an epiphany. We decided we didn’t need some fancy big money campaign to hire us to go out and make work… Nooo Sir. So we hired ourselves and shot our own campaigns, with potential clients in mind.

We boxed ourselves in to see how we fought out of it. Here’s how it went.

  1. We shot everything in one day
  2. We had very limited budget
  3. We had limited wardrobe
  4. We shot everything in one day

So let’s just jump into how we knew exactly what we were looking for without one shot set up.

When I get an idea for a project the first thing that comes to mind is accompanying it with music. I ask myself what should the soundtrack of this completed body of work be? In the case of the rabbit hole, I knew instantly it would have to be the White Stripes; they are dirty, free, passionate, creative, and break their own boundaries. As artist we do not steal ideas, we use them as creative inspiration. Now this phrase is in my head “Donnor shoot as if you are in a dirty, scrapping bloody, fight with your camera, but no matter what you must win, to the death!! I was ready, let’s shoot this thing, the rest is just detail’s! I was going to destroy whatever was in front of my lens for this shoot!

The details though are the next important step in building a cohesive body of work. The mood was set and next I had to develop the aesthetic. To start; digital is not film, and I am not sorry for saying it, and neither am I a film hippie or snob. After spending countless years looking at both, I can tell you there is an extra breath of life in a piece of film that a digital file does not possess. There is a certain depth and tactile quality that honestly digital does not replicate. I do shoot both, but 90% of my work is shot on film, there was no doubt this project had to be film as well. I just so happened to have a large stack of Kodak 100gx waiting to be used. But I have never loved the aesthetic of slide film… What to do… I know… I’ll screw it up! I will over and underexpose, over and underdevelop, and the grand finale I will cross process everything…why? I prefer Jimi Hendrix over Simon and Garfunkel, I wanted to bend, push, and even break my strings. I bought the color chemistry so I could process my film by hand I tested a couple rolls and was ready. There still needed to be an extra punch to the work, I thought that flash could do that but I have never used it, and hated the flatness and fullness of bad flash work. A few weeks before the shoot I found my grandfathers old camera bag with a couple of flashes inside, really these things were 30 years old… Perfect! I love old shit it’s so much better that new shit. So I built a snoot out of flashlite reflectors then duct tapped it on the flash and finally velcroed the whole unit to the side of the hasselblad. Let me tell you, I looked like a real pro.


Thanks for reading our first post. This blog will be updated weekly to share my thought process on the only world I know, photography.

All the best