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November 11, 2011

Prints prints prints…

by donnor

It is why we do what we do, why we labour in basements like a freak show for days on end, only to come above finally to the looks and comments from the living, “you only have one print? What the hell where doing all this time?!” At this point it is best to smile at our critics for we know it was not just a darkroom we have been in, it is the depths of life and being, to devote oneself so completely to a single task.

Recent print sale packaged up and going to the collector… Hat sold separately, just for scale!

No Stars 2009

Encaustic Finished Toned Gelatin Silver Print


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One of the most confusing things for us photographers to figure out is the edition & pricing of our work. I received some wonderful help from Eric Keller the gallery owner of Soulcatcher Studios who later came to represent my work; I learned this. Basically it is ultimately up to the artist, but take into consideration a few points.

1. Edition Size

2. Print Size

3. Medium

Large Prints + Small Editions + Handmade Medium = Higher Price

A great tip I was told “don’t price yourself out of the market” It is better to increase price as the edition sells out, which offers collectors the opportunity to purchase in the beginning when your prices are lower. I have shared here an example of my price structure so it may help you setup your own structure based on your parameters. Good luck and always have fun printing!