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October 21, 2010

Student Work From Capture of your Mind’s Eye Workshop… Monterrey, MX 2010

by donnor

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to teach at El Photo Club in Monterrey, Mexico. The class was centered around the fact that the camera once completely understood becomes simply an extension of the mind. The second part of the class explored the possibilities of photography using simple techniques to push and bend images to convey what are mind saw, more than simply what the camera saw. The students in this two day intensive workshop pushed their boundaries and broke out from perceived restrictions that we as photographers place on ourselves. I explained to them that there is no truth in photography as a medium so why do we feel the need to try and replicate it. Instead think of photography as a medium used to output thought just as any other medium. Just because the camera views the world in a finite way does not mean that we as artist must. We are smarter than these damn boxes with buttons! Do not forget that we control them! Break away from what your camera shows you; Instead… show the world what you see!

Thank you all so much you pushed your boundaries and made beautiful work