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January 19, 2011

There’s a darkness upon me…

by donnor

“There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light.” The deafening white silence falls with the flakes of snow, I can see what is before me, yet it is still journey. Alone at night staring into the dark woods I feel so much hope, for here I am, somewhere is nowhere. My camera sits next to me still encased in it’s tomb, I have not made one frame in months, but I am seeing more than ever. It is so beautiful sometimes I don’t want to steal it, just watch it. Let us slow down and watch, then we will truly see;  in a Universe with so much darkness, we have found light.

White Moon   2010

Encaustic Finished  Toned Gelatin Silver Print


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September 20, 2010

New Work…

by donnor

When mind connects with the world; everything seems a bit more clear, makes a little more sense, and we are able to step back breathe a bit easier for a moment in order to contemplate, “where the hell were we?”

Killer Meteor, an incredible band thank you both.

July 10, 2010

Slowly, Turning, Into…

by donnor

Slowly turning into is an infinite question and answer… My answer though would be the same as the question. The most important aspect for me is that I am always slowly turning into….  In this regard we are always, evolving, growing, shifting, learning, and adapting. This can be a life philosophy but for our purpose here let’s apply it to photography. This time we are now in, and maybe more than ever, is shifting and changing at an incredible speed, not just the technology but also the way in which our whole medium exists. When we try and hold onto to everything we end up with nothing in our grasp; for art and especially photography this is very true. There is so much out there for us to learn, understand, and use in photography; there really are a million ways to get to the same point. What is important though, is not letting ourselves get to distracted by all of this then finding us chasing the tail that cannot be caught. We will never learn everything in our medium and there will always be some new camera, or lens or software that someone swears bye that if you don’t quickly buy, or learn you will be lost and left behind….

The most powerful software and technology though we already have; let us understand and master it and our photographs will always be slowly, turning, into…