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July 14, 2010

Better to shoot and fail, than to fail by not shooting….

by donnor

Let’s talk about this idea… I know for me it is a constant struggle always battling with myself whether to pull the trigger or not. Remember when we first picked up the camera, and there were infinite possibilities all around us? What happened to them, and where the hell did they go?  Between talking myself out of a photograph, and declaring in my mind whatever I will get is going to be a pile of… I sometimes find pushing the shutter happens too few and far between. This process is wrong though, we must not wait for the photograph otherwise it will be too late and gone. And we must not mindlessly shoot, without care for consequence. We need to find a common ground within us, a place where we push ourselves from behind the lens and still find the balance to think about what is before us. It is a delicate dance to be able to force yourself to shoot, and then work through the situation that otherwise you would not be photographing. The only thing that I know for sure… you will miss all of the photographs that you never took. Below are some images that were made after I told myself there was “nothing to photograph here, what is the point donnor of wasting the film” Then I told myself to “shut the f$%^@! up and pick up the camera.”

It is better always to shoot and fail, than to fail by not shooting…