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July 28, 2010

To shoot film or digital…

by donnor

Ahh… The age old question, well I am not a film snob, as I previously mentioned in this blog; then why you ask do I stick my feet in the mud and protest digital? One reason; digital is way to clean for my taste, embracing imperfections is really in everyday life, and I want my art to reflect that? Of course so many will say “you can change this” and “tweak that” “make it look like film.” Why not just shoot film? When photographing, it feels right to enjoy the release of the shutter, when we believe, “hey that might be something.” With me at least, when shooting digital, my finger becomes numb, and my mind soon follows… Unless… I work like I am shooting film, a couple things I like to do…

  1. Cover the display screen… Try to stop looking at it, it completely destroys any train of thought while working on a subject.
  2. Shoot with a small card…This will help us value the moment the shutter is released, thereby forcing us to be more present.
  3. Simple but often overlooked, manually focus. Again by being more present our images will only get stronger.

When recently in NY someone asked “do I shoot digital?” “well sure I do”, “but,” “sometimes,” “and you know I,” “and well…” Was my staggering answer… She described that basically clients want to see immediately how the shoot is going. Fine, I can shoot it, but it will never look like film… or will it?

And of course the above shot is…. digital, and below is my beloved film!