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April 30, 2010

Bent Frames

by donnor

OK let’s get down to brass tacks here! We are going to explore the concepts that apply to framing. First I do believe that too often photographers think they have a finite amount of space to convey their ideas. That finite space some may call the frame, or the borders or the limits of what the artist is able to capture. If we think like that we will be immediately restricting our vision and  boxing ourselves up before one frame has been shot. Instead I like to think what might be going on outside of the frame, is as important as what you see going on in the frame. I try to add movement to a still image by creating tension and questions, and that is accomplished by not having the entire answer within your boxed pretty frame. Break the box, screw the box! We the artist have the ability to create the world, so do that. Instead of showing what we all know already exist, let’s show what might exist. I want to pose a question. Have you ever looked at a photograph and tried to peak around it or under it or behind it, trying to see a bit more? I do that all the time, and at that instant what has happened is the image has essentially come to life. The image now has a metaphorical movement that a two dimensional image usually lacks, it has engaged the viewer, and now a fluidity can be found in an otherwise still frame. That is where there is power in a still image; when it leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. So bend your frame, bend it until it breaks and let us not place limits on our vision! We are artist and artist have no limits, but due to the nature of our medium we sometimes limit ourselves. Do not limit your world we must fight, and resist ourselves of that… Always! Thanks for reading about the only world I know, photography