March 2, 2013

Where Did We Not Go

by donnor

My mind is already out of here. Where we do not go, we will never know. Whose to say, whose to say, we can’t imagine though. Whose to say, we may not travel still. Our mind is formed from the Universe, the fictions and imagination it creates, are based on the truths it may comprehend.

Within fiction, truth hides...

Black Chair

Black Chair, 2013

Encaustic Finished Toned Gelatin Silver Print

February 25, 2013

New Work:

by donnor

Panopticon Exhibition 228 || 530730

But of Course I'd Like to Stay

But of Course I’d Like to Stay, 2012

Encaustic Finished Toned Gelatin Silver Print

November 10, 2012


by donnor

June 11, 2012

Panopticon Salon

by donnor

will be showing prints June 136pm


Come for a visit a lot of great work and artist...

Such Whispered Thoughts 2/10

Encaustic finished toned silver print


May 21, 2012

Our Hidden Agenda…

by donnor

A look at our alternative motives masked through sexuality. Whether it is the photographers use of it in order to feint some instilled connection with their subject and viewer, or the self empowerment it offers. Sexuality, arguably in itself is always considered art. Why has this come about? Let us look past the obvious; the form is beautiful, its the representation of pure self, and the body is humanity without reserve. These points are perspicuous and have been argued for ages. I am curious though, if our desires were able to be removed would the relevancy of sexuality exist in art?

Oh well oh well they’re not, they won’t be, we are, so let us be… Indulge, enjoy, for this is you, this is me, this is thus…

Auguste Belloc

Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius

Michael Donnor

Luis Gonzalez Palma

Dusdin Condren

Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama

Steve Kahn

Steve Kahn

Oliva Bee

Margret Durow

Ej Bellocq

Kevin Amato

Sarah Moon

Unknown Photographer

February 15, 2012

The Unseen Eye at George Eastman House…

by donnor

Simply the most profound photography exhibit I have ever seen… It oozes with gut wrenching images, one after the other with over 350 photographs hanging salon style. The photographs cover the entire existence of photography, and all processes, the amazing fact; all of the photographs are curated by and from the private collection of W.M. Hunt. This is a voyeuristic view not into the mind of a single photographer, but into the mind of a collector, a view that is mostly pervasive and intruding in nature, leaving you with the sensation that you borrowed his bones and walked this world a bit with them. This is “anti portraiture” and stated by the collector “meant to delight the visual senses” evoking the human spirit with love, loss, horror, happiness. Once exiting you will ask yourself, “how am I so obtuse?!

Exhibition includes...

Helen Levitt, New York 1940

Christopher Bucklow, Guest 25,000 solar images 3:13 pm, November 19, 1993

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

Paul de Cordon, Cirque de Moscow

Joel Peter Witkin, Man without head 1993

January 25, 2012

Doug Beasley || My Mentor || My Friend || And Fellow Contemplative Tea Drinker…

by donnor

His photographs tread lightly in between the present state, and a blurred memory. I often wonder while looking at his work, “would this moment exist if it was not witnessed?” Where we are now, is only relative with relation to where we have been before, Doug Beasley’s new book is that visual realization. Sublimely edited along the ebb and flow of life,┬áhis photographs request your presence. For if you fail to see, to understand, and acknowledge them, their shadows of existence have still been forever cast.

Congratulations Doug, there is no artist more deserving of this incredible accomplishment!!

January 18, 2012

Photographs on Exhibition at The Historic Panopticon Gallery Boston…

by donnor

November 11, 2011

Prints prints prints…

by donnor

It is why we do what we do, why we labour in basements like a freak show for days on end, only to come above finally to the looks and comments from the living, “you only have one print? What the hell where doing all this time?!” At this point it is best to smile at our critics for we know it was not just a darkroom we have been in, it is the depths of life and being, to devote oneself so completely to a single task.

Recent print sale packaged up and going to the collector… Hat sold separately, just for scale!

No Stars 2009

Encaustic Finished Toned Gelatin Silver Print


2 of 3

One of the most confusing things for us photographers to figure out is the edition & pricing of our work. I received some wonderful help from Eric Keller the gallery owner of Soulcatcher Studios who later came to represent my work; I learned this. Basically it is ultimately up to the artist, but take into consideration a few points.

1. Edition Size

2. Print Size

3. Medium

Large Prints + Small Editions + Handmade Medium = Higher Price

A great tip I was told “don’t price yourself out of the market” It is better to increase price as the edition sells out, which offers collectors the opportunity to purchase in the beginning when your prices are lower. I have shared here an example of my price structure so it may help you setup your own structure based on your parameters. Good luck and always have fun printing!

October 30, 2011

I’m not here…

by donnor