The Unseen Eye at George Eastman House…

by donnor

Simply the most profound photography exhibit I have ever seen… It oozes with gut wrenching images, one after the other with over 350 photographs hanging salon style. The photographs cover the entire existence of photography, and all processes, the amazing fact; all of the photographs are curated by and from the private collection of W.M. Hunt. This is a voyeuristic view not into the mind of a single photographer, but into the mind of a collector, a view that is mostly pervasive and intruding in nature, leaving you with the sensation that you borrowed his bones and walked this world a bit with them. This is “anti portraiture” and stated by the collector “meant to delight the visual senses” evoking the human spirit with love, loss, horror, happiness. Once exiting you will ask yourself, “how am I so obtuse?!

Exhibition includes...

Helen Levitt, New York 1940

Christopher Bucklow, Guest 25,000 solar images 3:13 pm, November 19, 1993

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

Paul de Cordon, Cirque de Moscow

Joel Peter Witkin, Man without head 1993

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