Truth doesn’t make a nosie…

by donnor

Recently I was invited to lecture.  The topic: Finding your personal vision...

Tampico Foto Festival Invited Lecturer. Mexico, 2011.

Within… a deadly battle ensued for years, killing me softly until all that was left was photography… This is the simplest way to describe the journey, when it was over I was a stranger to my past. Photography is irrelevant and over saturated, that to be sure. Unless we are able to control it and shape it, give it life, give it spirit and soul. That is when we have found our vision, when photographs created howl to us with a demanding voice teetering on insanity.

Reality is relative and truth doesn’t make a noise, or a photograph… The camera is simply an extension of your mind; we must free ourselves…

Thank you Elfego Hernandez and Cristina Llerena for making it all happen...


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