Taking pictures so completely stupid…

by donnor

“Just taking pictures, so completely stupid, just go AWAY!” (JW).  “Just go away donnor” when we for a time are wandering with a camera, and dragging our mind in the slop…  To be mindless in photography is walking blind against traffic, but we must do it to ourselves in order to breakthrough… I am talking about the time in limbo when we await the creative spark that fuels us. The time that we are trying to figure out what we are saying and what we might be seeing. In the past, these stretches have crippled me to the point of not picking up the camera for weeks, NO MORE I fight these droughts with the madness of complete ignorance. To be forced to photograph is a liberating feeling, we can tell ourselves that “it’s not our fault if the picture is not made” for we are caught in creative purgatory. I get angry and down right pissed ” no way will I be kept down fU@$! YOU DoNNor!” I argue with myself. There is not enough time to wait for the spark we must ignite an inferno ourselves…

So Throw some gas on the fire, get behind the lens and enjoy the show!

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