Handmade Copper Pounded Photography Portfolio…

by donnor

This is the completed portfolio that I just made and took to New York and shared with Art buyers, Creative Directors and Agents. It is a screw post portfolio that I built from scratch, the copper I was able to acquire in 12 by 12 sheets, perfect for my square format. I hand pounded it then stamped my name and finished it off with stain. Right now it has 70 images in it, I thought I would show some of a few bodies of work with the beginning being the oldest a (year old) and ending with the newest work about a (month old). How was it received? Well everyone made a brief comment on the uniqueness and then dove into the work. So what is in the book is the most important but showcasing it announces that what is inside must be Unique. When sitting down with Sony or Deutsch or industry creatives and buyers they are busy to say the least, they will fly through a book that took  you years to build in minutes. Never the less they know what they are looking at, so just be excited that you are able to meet them, and they gave you their time, they will remember when good work was in front of them. That said after reading a recent post on aphotoeditor the data shows that a portfolio meeting is the least likely to work in your favor…. go figure…. I always believe though there is no substitute for a personal meeting, and my trip was a success and I plan on doing this about 4 times a year. I was never one for the normal routine…


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